Apologetics Summary

Michael L. Rogers

Posting Date: December 28, 2013

The reading list for priestly training in the Anglican Catholic Church specifies that various books and articles be studied in various fields, including apologetics (defense of the faith). In some sections numerous books are cited as possible sources and the student picks books from the list.


Even though I am not pursuing the full training due to lack of time and energy, I am trying to read through the works in this part of the curriculum. If nothing else, a better grounding in how to defend the faith should help me be better prepared to talk to others about it.


Our parish Webmaster suggested that I write summaries of these works as an instruction guide for those who will probably not read the books. In the documents linked below, I have attempted to provide this information for those who are interested. Of course, all errors of fact or interpretation are mine alone.

I hope you find this material useful. More summaries will be posted as time permits.